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Fun and sports, that is what Oranje-Nassau is all about. We are for young and old and we organize all kind of activities, like youth camps, theme parties, holiday weekends and our very succesful Kangoeroe Klup. We have student discounts! Take a look at our calendar and join an activity (first time for free).

Oranje-Nassau grows by 11%

posted on October 14, 2022

Oranje-Nassau has grown by 11% in the past year. That is no less than 15 extra members, as we were informed by the board at the last JAV.

This news item exists to inform those who were not there about this positive news. In addition, a combination team with Triaz was formed in the B (KVA was also approached, but could not help us out). These members are of course still Triaz members and are not included in the above growth.

Now, nice figures do not immediately mean that Oranje-Nassau is not having its difficulties, but it is certainly a positive sign… and that can be said and celebrated. The growth is mainly seen in the youth, where we have full youth teams that perform well.

In addition to the youth, we currently have 3 senior teams, one of which plays midweek, we have a small group of enthusiastic Move-it-Monday-ers (from which we manage to get a successful framework) and we have a stable and enthusiastic group of ‘recreanten’.

Do you read this and think ‘What a great club’? Join us! Please contact us via the contact form.

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