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Fun and sports, that is what Oranje-Nassau is all about. We are for young and old and we organize all kind of activities, like youth camps, theme parties, holiday weekends and our very succesful Kangoeroe Klup. We have student discounts! Take a look at our calendar and join an activity (first time for free).

A new website!?

posted on May 9, 2022

Oranje-Nassau has its own group of ‘website-nerds/hackers’ and a very active webmaster: Eric (Recreanten). Because of privacy reasons we cannot disclose who are part of this hacker group, but they are known for having ‘beer and shoarma with everything’.

This group of hackers (let’s call them ‘AnonyMouse’) was not very active the last few months/years. Well… not on the subject of the Oranje-Nassau website, that is. This in comparison to Eric, who has been faithfully providing our website with the latest information.

Now, AnonyMouse has finally made itsself heard. First they informed Eric of the oncoming change. After that, they created a new website. The old website has been moved to and the new website went live (today). This is obviously a big change and you will find out that not everything has been migrated. That is why the old website will be available for some time to come. The goal is to loose as little as possible. Our history is as important as our future.

If you want to help translating or migrating content, send us a message through the new contact form.

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