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Fun and sports, that is what Oranje-Nassau is all about. We are for young and old and we organize all kind of activities, like youth camps, theme parties, holiday weekends and our very succesful Kangoeroe Klup. We have student discounts! Take a look at our calendar and join an activity (first time for free).

Membership form

Before you fill out this form, it’s important to read the conditions of ‘Korfbalvereniging Oranje-Nassau’. When you agree to them, Oranje-Nassau is happy to apply you or your child as a member of the club.

Conditions for membership

  • The membership period runs from July 1st till June 30th the next year. The membership will be for the complete term.
  • Payment of the membership fee will start on day 25 of the month following the application date as a member of the club. The contribution will be calculated over 10 periods, from August 1st till May 31st.
  • Cancellation of the club membership should be written (by email) to the member administration ( before June 1st of the ongoing membership period and is only valid after confirmation by the member administration. Cancellation after June 1st can have financial obligation for the member for the next membership period.
  • Oranje-Nassau sends a newsletter to all of its members. In this newsletter you can find information about activities and general information.
  • By signing this form, you declare to agree to the regulations and domestic rules of Oranje-Nassau.
  • At (away) games, we expect the parents of our youth members (who own a car) to be available to drive in turns.
  • The member administration will take care of signing up at the ‘Koninklijke Nederlandse Korfbal Verbond’.


  • The Korfball association ‘Koninklijke Nederlandse Korfbal Verbond’ knows two separate competitions: an outdoor and an indoor competition.
  • For the first part of the outdoor competition, there will be practices and games from September up till the end of October on the artificial grass fields at ‘Sportpark ‘t Loopveld’ – Aanloop 1 in Amstelveen. The second part of the outdoor competition will be held the 3rd week of April up till 2nd week of June.
  • The indoor competition will be played in the period November up till 2nd week of April. The practices on Wednesdays will be held – if possible – in Sporthallen Zuid. The games will be played on Saturdays – if possible – in Sporthal de Pijp.
  • For the normal and youth teams the matches will be scheduled on Saturdays. The ‘Midweek’ team will be playing their home-games on Wednesdays, the day of their away-games is dependent on the opponent.
  • The ‘Recreanten’ members practice on Monday evenings and ‘Nassau Fit’ members on Wednesday evenings. ‘Move it Mondays’ members will practice on Monday evenings.

Contribution per (member) category

Senior 19 and up € 254,00
Junior 16 up till 18 years € 197,00
Aspirant 12 up till 15 years € 145,00
Pupil 6 up till 11 years € 110,00
Kangaroo 5 years and younger € 25,00
Recreanten member € 145,00
Algemeen Reserve (AR) € 145,00
Non-competing member € 94,00
Senior with student discount € 195,00

Reference date: December 31st

Personal information

The person who submits this document declares that he/she or his/her kid wants to become a member of ‘Korfbalvereniging Oranje-Nassau’ and that he/she will adhere to the regulations and domestic rules of the club.

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