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Fun and sports, that is what Oranje-Nassau is all about. We are for young and old and we organize all kind of activities, like youth camps, theme parties, holiday weekends and our very succesful Kangoeroe Klup. We have student discounts! Take a look at our calendar and join an activity (first time for free).

Code of conduct

As a trainer, you naturally want everyone to enjoy coming to the training. How do you make sure it’s fun and stays fun? How everyone stays motivated and gets better? How far can you actually go in that? Sometimes you might touch your athletes to help them. Well-intentioned, but what does the athlete actually think of that? Or the parents on the sidelines?

As a trainer, are you aware that you are an important factor in the culture within the association? Do you know what to do if things go wrong? Many questions that are important to discuss with the board of your association and to make agreements about. You have the responsibility to create the safest possible environment for your athletes and your team, where everyone can be themselves, at his or her own level.

The codes of conduct for trainer/coaches and supervisors are downloadable here (in Dutch). We require that EVERY volunteer (trainer/coach or supervisor) signs this code of conduct. In addition, we require a VOG from everyone who works with a vulnerable target group.

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