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Fun and sports, that is what Oranje-Nassau is all about. We are for young and old and we organize all kind of activities, like youth camps, theme parties, holiday weekends and our very succesful Kangoeroe Klup. We have student discounts! Take a look at our calendar and join an activity (first time for free).

About us

The korfball club KDC (Class Three C) was founded in January 10, 1919. In September 1924, the name of the association was changed on the occasion of the merger with K.D.O. changed to Amsterdam Korfball Club “Strength Through Combination”. On September 11, 1925, the name of the association was changed to Amsterdam Christian Korfball Association “Oranje-Nassau”. Since 1975 we have played our home games on Saturdays at Sportpark ’t Loopveld on Kalfjeslaan, where we have our own clubhouse and artificial turf field at our disposal. The association consists of about 160 members. These are divided into seniors, youth members, ‘recreanten’ and non-playing members.


At the moment we are participating in the competition with 3 senior teams. Two Saturday teams and a midweek team. The first team plays in the 4th division. Training is on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The midweek team plays the matches on Wednesday evenings. Besides korfball, the association organizes many fun activities, such as game nights, pub quiz, tournaments, treasure hunts and the annual Pentecost camp.


The youth department of Oranje-Nassau is currently growing considerably! Children from 6 to 18 years old are divided into different age groups so that everyone plays against equal teams. At Oranje-Nassau, fun, team spirit and personal development always take precedence over performance on the field. For all our youth members there is a training every Wednesday given by one of our enthusiastic youth trainers. The older youth members also train on Monday evenings. Matches are played on Saturdays. Parents are sometimes called upon to drive to an away game. In addition to korfball, there is much more to experience at Oranje-Nassau, such as movie night, fox hunt, talent show and many other fun activities. And the annual summer camp, the highlight of the year for most youth members!

Kangaroo Klup

For the youngest children from 2 to 6 years old, there is the Kangaroo Klup. Sports and games mornings on Saturday mornings where they learn how to move, handle a ball and play with other children in a fun and playful way. For the oldest Kangaroos (from 4 years old) there is also the Kangaroo Plus Klup on Wednesday afternoons.


Student korfball at Oranje-Nassau for a special rate! There are opportunities to become a training member as well as a playing member in one of our senior teams. Perhaps due to the fact that our field and clubhouse are so close to Uilenstede and the VU, we are an association that has been able to register many students as members over the years.


There is also an enthusiastic group of ‘recreanten’ at Oranje-Nassau. They come to the field or to the hall on Monday to do a korfball training there. They do not participate (anymore) in the competition, but various tournaments are organized in North Holland, in which the ‘recreanten’ participate. They also arrange matches with other clubs. There are also many activities, such as Easter weekend, team outings, Sinterklaas and Christmas celebrations and various dinners and after every training or tournament the 3rd half.

Move it Mondays

Our social and inclusive multi-sport program for adults on Monday evenings. From softball to outdoor dodgeball and from kickboxing to pole football, we do it all. Every Monday evening sports are enjoyed by an enthusiastic group from all ages and sporting levels. Join us!

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