Especially for students


Apart from the ‘regular’ activities as training sessions and matches, and all the related social activities on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We also have some special activities for students:

Student- tournaments
Almost every month there is a special tournament for students, organized each time in a different city in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Tilburg, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Groningen, Wageningen, Rotterdam and Delft). Several student korfball clubs organize these tournaments. Oranje-Nassau joins this tournament with their own student-team. The tournament starts with a huge party or special event on Saturday, mostly theme-related. And after a little nap in the sports hall itself, the tournament starts early in the morning and ends in the afternoon where everyone gets a pie and hopefully a trophy.

Student-activities of Oranje Nassau
ACKV Oranje Nassau organizes activities for students such as a board game night, a night of drinks, special activities like quizzes, a ‘tasting-session’, trot along on a ‘bierfiets’ and so on. We intend to organize an activity on a monthly base.

Other activities (Organized by the social commission)
Oranje Nassau has its own Social Commission (SoZa) which organizes three or four parties in a year on Saturdays in our own clubhouse. In addition, the commission also organizes activities like a pubquiz, Christmas dinner, a spooky-night event and many more.

Oranje-Nassau also organizes two tournaments of her own. Every year on Ascension Day Oranje-Nassau organizes one of the biggest tournaments of the region with over 1000 participants. A much smaller but very fun tournament is organized at the end of the season, the so called ‘Aanlooptoernooi’. This tournament is intended to give the members the opportunity to get their family and friends on the field with a ball in their hands.

And during Whitsun, our yearly Whitsun weekend is organized, in which many members of the club are going to a certain location in the Netherlands to do many games and socialize with each other