Foreign students

studenten_1Discover korfball

Have you ever heard of a typical dutch game named Korfball? This sport, related to Netball and basketball but with a clear difference in some aspect, is HUGE in the Netherlands and (foreign) students in the Netherlands and Amsterdam will have the opportunity to experience this game. A.C.K.V Oranje Nassau is a sports club which focuses mainly on students and have many students (or alumni) as members. Our main vision is that the social aspect of playing a game together is just as important as the competitive aspect related to sport. In which we distinctly differ from other korfball clubs. We have teams for students at beginners, intermediate and advanced level.

  • Practice/train on Wednesdays and play competition on Saturdays at their own level.
  • Just practice at Wednesdays.
  • Join special student tournaments.
  • PARTY!
  • Join other activities especially for students.

As we know students have a limited budget, ALL STUDENTS get a discount on their membership!